View Data on a Jira Issue

This page is a guide for your users!

Once you’ve configured an event source and started to submit data to Koppla, you can view the data on the issue tab “External data”.

This External data tab is found in the comments area as shown in the screen captured image below.

The events will always shown in a descending order.

Atlassian currently limits storage on the Forge platform to 32K per single look up value. This means that for each event source section shown, we can only store and render 32K of data.

This will be the most recent data. Older data will be removed to make space for newer data.


This tab is visible to all users. However, the data that shows up may not be. Access to see the submitted data depends on the permissions set for each individual data source in the project. Contact your project administrator if you believe you should see data that isn’t yet visible to you.