Data security & Privacy statement

This document is in addition to the 55 Degrees Privacy document, the 55 Degrees Product EULA and the DPA (available upon request) provided by 55 Degrees and explains how Koppla stores the data it captures. This document will be updated as new features are added to Koppla.

Data storage terms and data storage location

Preferred Vendors

Atlassian Forge is exclusively used for this platform.


Jira Cloud: We make use of to collect any javascript errors in the browser. For more details about their security&legal statements - please see

Account removal and data retention

This section explains how a customer can close an account and completely remove their data from our service.

Removing the Koppla app from your instance will trigger Atlassian Forge to remove any data within 30 days (as of Sept 10, 2021) automatically per their agreements with you.

55 Degrees is unable to remove or access data for you.

Please read the Koppla product documentation for further details.

Data portability

This section explains if and how a customer can extract their data from your service.

All data is stored in the Atlassian Forge platform storage. 55 Degrees is not able to extract any data from the storage outside of the User Interface.

Please read the Koppla product documentation for further details.

Application and infrastructure security

This section explains what security measures we've taken in our application and infrastructure.

  • This product runs on the Atlassian Forge platform. We do not maintain any infrastructure provided by 55 Degrees. We do monitor the javascript errors from sentry.

  • 55 Degrees team is not able to access any app data outside of when the tool is utilized through the UI.

  • Customers are responsible for maintaining the security of their own Confluence and JIRA Cloud login information.

  • Customers are responsible for securing the api token generated to submit data.

  • Please read the Koppla product documentation for further details.

Security disclosure

This section explains how and under what circumstances we notify our customers about security breaches or vulnerabilities and indicate how a user or security researcher should disclose a vulnerability found in our add-on to us.

  • Security breaches or vulnerabilities with the proposed solution of the problem are published on our website.

  • Customers can report security breaches or vulnerabilities using e-mail address.

  • Please read the Koppla product documentation for further details.


Data collected during the use of our add-on will not be shared with third parties except if required by law.