Koppla - External References




Welcome to our documentation for Koppla!

Koppla is the Swedish word for connect and that’s just what it does! Using Koppla you can configure and connect data from external systems so that it shows inside your Jira issues. Each Jira issue can contain information from multiple external systems. This means you have the data close at hand when you need it, where you need it!

How can you use Koppla?

Think about the following questions information you wish you had when dealing with Jira issues. Do you have that information stored in an external system? What piece of information do you, or could you, collect in an individual Jira issue to help you match the needed information for that specific Jira request?

Marketing teams may want to see information about a campaign they are working on.

Sales and Customer Support teams can pull in CRM information to help them support their customers.

Product Development and Service teams can pull in information related to problems or outages from logs, connect to work items in other systems, and more.

If you have the data to match, the only limit is your imagination.

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