Manage Project Event Sources

Important update: Koppla will no longer operate after April 15, 2024. 

After this date, Atlassian will delete your stored Koppla data from their Forge storage platform. You may uninstall and delete the application from your instance at any time before this date. We have loved developing and working on Koppla and supporting users in bringing their external data into their Jira issues. After three years of journey, we decided to sunset Koppla and focus on improving our growing products. Thank you for choosing Koppla and being a loyal customer. If you have any questions or concerns, we are always here to help. Please feel free to reach out to us.


This page is a guide for your project administrator!

A project administrator is required to configure event sources for a Jira project. Each project has its own separate configuration.

Here’s what you can find on this document to help configure and manage event sources for a project:

Finding the Project Configuration Screen

The screen is accessible via the project’s left navigation bar via the link “External References”

Link to the Project configuration screen

The project configuration is available to any project administrator and is project specific and appears on the general project view as “External references”.


The above screen shot denotes:

Trigger url

The trigger url is used to send data to Koppla. For more information about this - please see

The API token

The api token is the credential to submit data to Koppla. It is project specific and once generated it is not visible in the ui again (copy the token and store it in a safe place). Anyone that has this token is able to submit data to your project.

Event sources list

An event source is a collection of connected remote values. Each event source has a couple of important pieces of information. The most important piece of data is the key. The key cannot be changed and is generated when you click “Add event source” to add a new event source. The other pieces of information (icon, name, the base url) can be modified at any time and is used on the Issue panel to reflect the event source.

Configuring an event source

To configure a new event source, click the Add event source button. To edit an existing event source, click the on the pencil icon for the appropriate row. Either of these actions will open up the Event Source dialog:

From here you’re able to:

  1. Set the event source name

  2. Set the base url for the event source.

  3. Select an icon for the event source

  4. Select the field that the value will be looked up against. Note: Changing the field does not change any of the data that has been submitted.

  5. Restrict access to the event source by Jira user groups. The event source (and the associated data) will only be shown for the users that are listed here.

Sample code

To assist in sending data to Koppla, you can click on the “code” button and see a sample set of code that will allow you to submit data to this particular event source.

Searching and editing stored data from an event source

By clicking on the magnifying glass, you’re presented with a dialog that will allow you to search for a value that has been submitted. Selecting the value then shows all of the connected datas that has been submitted. From here you can remove any value by clicking on the “remove” link.

Removing an event source

To remove an event source (and it’s associated data) simply click on the trash icon. The event source is removed immediately (after confirmation). Any associated data will start to be purged from the backend. Due to the storage process limitations this may take multiple days to be eventually removed.