ActionableAgile for Jira

Stabilize your process. Become predictable.

Accurately answer your customer's most important questions:

  • When will it be done?

  • How much can we get done?

  • Where can we make improvements?

When you start work for your customers, they care most about one thing: “When’s it going to be done?” How good have you been at answering that question? ActionableAgile analytics give you the insight you require to give your customers the answers they need using Cumulative Flow Diagrams, Scatterplots, Aging Charts, Histograms, and Monte Carlo simulations.

About our add-on

This add-on is an integration between Jira and ActionableAgile. Your purchase of ActionableAgile for Jira - Agile Metrics includes your license to ActionableAgile. You do not need to purchase a separate license.

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